So, after teasing the new Chris Garza-model and Keith Merrows new lambo-orange KM-7, Schecter Guitars now officially announced the complete guitar line-up for NAMM 2015.

We are going to see the new Banshee Elite-series which features a – what seems to be – 7-piece neck-through design, a flamed maple top and a natural finish. The 7-string is available as a hardtail- and trem-version, the 8-string comes with a Hipshot-hardtail-bridge.

Schecter also introduces the the often requested passive version of the famous Hellraiser-series, the Hellraiser Passive. Unfortunately they decided to go with pickup mounting-rings – what a bummer.

Fans of more “extreme” body-shapes will be pleased by the introduction of the V-style Chris Howorth-Signature, the “Chris Howorth V-7”.

Visit Schecter Guitars for more information.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Banshee Elite-series. What about you? Will you add a Schecter to your collection in 2015?

Image courtesy of Schecter Guitars