After teasing a Premium-line reissue of the UV7PWH (the UV71P – upper left), Ibanez revealed what seems to be the full line-up for the upcoming 2015 NAMM-show.

We’re going to see another signature-guitar for Korn’s guitarist Head, the Komrad20 (this time with a red splatter-design – lower left), a stunning RG927WZCZ with a Ziricote-top as an addition to the Premium-line (upper right) and something completely new: an 8-string Iron Label-ARZ , the ARZIR28 (lower right).

I don’t know, what to make of the huge headstock and the Tune-O-Matic-bridge on the ARZ, but the Premium 7-strings both make me nervous. I would have preferred a Prestige-Reissue of the PWH though.