proudly presents, in collaboration with Dailyhero Recordings and Sludge Studios:

The ERGLabs Kemper Profiles

Our goal was to create Kemper profiles that would handle extended range tunings exceptionally well and offer the newest Kemper profiling features, including DI/merged profiles. We also tried to get our hands on amps that haven’t been profiled a million times already. Here’s what we got:

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Most of you are probably going to want to know why and how these profiles are working better with lower tunings than others.

The answer is simple: We used an 8-string guitar for the refining process. Using a guitar with an extended range enabled the Kemper to learn how the amps we profiled would handle the lower frequency range of the 7th and 8th string. We made sure to cover the entire range of the instrument, though. So if you were wondering if there are any shortcomings with normal tunings, we can assure you that all we achieved was a higher compatibility with low tunings. These profiles work just as well with 6-string guitars and standard tunings!

We hand-picked the best sounding profiles of each amp, so some amps come with more profiles than others. Every amp profiled includes DI and merged profiles!

Clips (more coming weekly from now on)