I’m easy to lure in sometimes. I literally checked out this album because I saw the guitarist play a 7-string in their music video (embedded below). Needless to say, the song was obviously really cool to begin with.

Still, I always appreciate the use of extended range guitars in non-typical genres. And Black Metal is certainly a genre that traditionally stays away from ERGs. Luckily Helfró’s guitarist puts his 7 to good use. His riffs remind me of Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem, Vltimas) and in some rare, more experimental moments even of Abigor.

Those riffs really make this album and luckily they are plentiful among the more melodic and traditional elements on ‘Helfró’. And damn, do these guitars sound good!

Helfró are definitely faster paced over all, which makes the heavier, down-tuned riffs all the more chunky when they do kick in. Check out ‘Musteri Agans’ for a taste.

Those of you who think a mix of ‘Chimera’-era Mayhem and Abigor would sound great should definitely give Helfró a go!