Ibanez is proud to introduce another spectacular concept model to its innovative “Bass Workshop” series. The new Ibanez SRFF basses are the first affordable, series production fanned fret basses.

The fanned-fret system is designed to optimize the tension of each string, helping to create a more “alive,” open tone. It also improves playability across all strings. Perhaps a little odd looking at first glance, every bassist who has picked up one of the new SRFF models has commented with great surprise on the ease and comfort of playing the fanned fretboard. The SR Fanned 5pc neck is made of Jatoba/Bubinga witch are two of the most rigid and musical hardwoods.

The SRFF805-BKS comes with a 34″-35.5″ fan and the SRFF806-BKS comes with a 33.6″ – 35.5″ fan. Both come with a black stained ash body, a 5-pieces jatoba/bubinga neck with a rosewood fretboard and Bartolini pickups.