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The MONO M80 Vertigo looks awesome, is very light and – in my opinion – a worthy substitute for a traditional hardcase.


As an Extended Range Guitar Nerd you might have a problem when it comes to aftermarket-cases.

Standard guitar cases from various manufacturers are specifically tailored to standard-scale-lengths. That means if you’re looking for a brand new case for your overly long baritone-scale guitar, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I had that problem when I was looking for a new case for my Ibanez RG2077XL, which measures 104 cm or roughly 41“.

The range of cases that can hold such a long instrument is very limited and often the cases that have seemingly fitting internal dimensions are made for Fender Jaguars with straight headstocks – meaning that you’d break an angled headstock clear off if you close the case.

While I was browsing through various online-shops hoping to find a fitting aftermarket-case I stumbled over the MONO M80 Vertigo over and over again. It had the perfect dimensions, it looked amazing but … I thought of it being a gigbag and gigbags weren’t safe storage-items for a guitar in my world.

Boy was I wrong…


  • Water-resistent Sharkskin™ shell
  • Integral ABS panels
  • The Boot™ Vertical drop-stopper
  • Headlock™ neck suspension system
  • side-pocket with additional interior mesh-pocket
  • riveted handle
  • double steel zippers
  • lifetime warranty


First of all, let’s make something clear. The MONO M80 Vertigo has nothing to do with the flimsy Gigbags we all know (and probably loathe).

It is best described as a „Softcase“. The thick and sturdy softshell combined with the additionally reinforcing ABS-panels that surround the headstock make a very good and safe impression.

The so-called „Boot“ at the bottom of the M80 does not only keep the case from getting damaged from standing on rough floors with it’s rubbery, shoe-like sole, it also absorbs hard vertical drops. The additionally padded and moulded inside of „the Boot“ also keeps the strap-pin of the ground.

Speaking of inventions: MONO also created the „Headlock™“ neck suspension system. It’s basically a resting-point for the neck. There are no additional steps required. Just throw in the guitar and close the bag. The pressure from closing the lid is enough to hold the guitar firmly in place. I shook the M80 vigorously and even a shorter 25,5“-scale guitar didn’t slide a bit in it. On the other hand, it’s soft enough to not damage your frets.

The outside is made from a water-resistand Nylon-material which MONO calls „Sharkskin™“. It’s sleek, handy and it looks like it’s very durable. Time will tell.

The MONO M80 Vertigo comes with high-quality zippers, comfortable backpack-straps and a side-bag for strings, a guitar-strap or even an iPad. This side-bag is the only gripe I have with the M80 Vertigo. It’s too narrow to be comfortably usable and even with the integrated mesh-pocket it won’t hold more than a few extra strings, maybe your guitar-strap OR an iPad.

MONO sells an extra accessory for people that want to take more than that with them. The „Guitar Tick™“ can be attached to three D-ring-attachments and it can hold stuff like headphones, a USB-Interface and other stuff guitarists need (or don’t need). It looks like a cool solution, but it adds $95/79€ to the $255/219€ the M80 Vertigo costs already. Definitely not cheap and even more costly than most hardcases – even premium ones.

But, I can tell you, it’s worth it. The MONO M80 Vertigo looks awesome, is very light and – in my opinion – a worthy substitute for a traditional hardcase.